The Mitsubishi Mirage has carved out an incredible niche for itself in the undervalued subcompact segment. The Mirage, a five-door hatchback, comes with an incredible combination of affordability and efficiency. In fact, it recently just made’s list of “10 Most Fuel-Efficient Cars under $25,000.”

The “under $25,000” tag is actually pretty humorous when it comes to the Mirage, which starts at just $12,995. It has a combined rating of 40 mpg and up to 44 mpg highway—incredible numbers for a gas-powered car. “The Mirage continues to be an important vehicle for the Mitsubishi brand,” said Don Swearingen, Executive Vice President, MMNA. “With its affordable price, incredible fuel economy and surprising list of available features, the Mirage is a great value that people recognize – February 2015 was the vehicle’s best-ever sales month since its launch in 2013.”

The Mirage continues to rack up awards and impress people—and it’s obviously the best and most-honored vehicle in the subcompact segment. Plus, it comes with all kinds of great warranty options, so come see us at El Cajon Mitsubishi to learn more about this car today. After all, despite its name, this car’s value is no mirage.