In order to show its commitment to clean energy programs, Mitsubishi recently began a solar leasing program. The Mitsubishi Solar Energy Program is designed to give new consumers access to solar panel technology via a consumer finance program.

According to Clean Technica, the new program is design to make clean energy alternatives accessible to anyone who wants them. This new project allows contractors to offer solar panels to any homeowners that qualify for financing.

“Our contractors can now offer more financial flexibility to their residential clientele,” said Mitsubishi PV Division Vice President Heng. “In order for contractors to fully leverage this new program, we want to ensure that they understand how it works and how it can benefit both them and their customers.”

Mitsubishi has had over 40 years of experience developing high-quality solar panels. Not only is the brand an automaker, but electronics is also a big part of the company. On top of the new financing option, homeowners are also able to purchase a 25-year limited warranty for their photovoltaic systems, ensuring the quality of the Mitsubishi solar products. This new program is just one more way Mitsubishi is showing its commitment to green technology.