Washing your car. It’s easy, right? Anybody can do it. But there are secrets out there, secrets that can take your car-washing to the next level, and we’ve got the digs on a few. The following are some unexpected tips on how to wash your car!

Reader’s Digest suggests using hair conditioner as soap for your car wash. That healthy shine your hair gets lends itself to a “freshly waxed look” when applied on a car.

Hate that grime that builds up on the outside of your windshield? Get rid of it by pouring cola on it. Just sit back and watch the cola bubbles “fizz away the grime.” But be sure to place a bunch of paper towels at the bottom of your window to sop up the cola.

If you are the DIY-type and you also have some cheap vodka you’d like to get rid of, make your own windshield wiper fluid! The ratio is: 3 cups vodka, 4 cups water and 2 teaspoons liquid dishwashing detergent.

It’s easy to neglect your headlight casings but if they dim your lights in even the slightest way, this can be unsafe. Use window cleaner on them, and rub “vigorously with an old pair of panty hose.”

These may sound quirky, and they may not work for everyone, but they can really help you get an edge on cleaning your car thoroughly.