Two months ago, Mitsubishi sent an Outlander PHEV to Thailand to participate in the 2015 Asia Cross Country Rally, a grueling race that was held August 8-14 over a distance of 2,400 kilometers (1,490 miles).

Though hybrids have slowly made their way to competitive racing, seeing EVs in the rally scene is still relatively new—and uniquely challenging for the engineers. Still, the Outlander PHEV rally car performed beyond expectations.

After just 40 hours of trekking through mud, dirt, and gravel, the Outlander PHEV took 20th place overall, an excellent result that placed it at the top of the T1-3 electric vehicle class.

“The rally car showed plenty of its performance,” said Technical Director Yasuo Tanaka. “The motor, generator, battery and other EV components made it through the rally with no issues—proof of its reliability and durability.”

That reliability and durability is exactly what our customers want at El Cajon Mitsubishi. We look forward to seeing what the Outlander PHEV can do at the upcoming race in October: the Baja Portalegre 500 Challenge!