While we may acknowledge that California offers an inexhaustible array of worthwhile travel destinations, it can happen that you feel like you’ve been everywhere. If this is you, then check out these great hidden travel destinations of California!

Fort Bragg

Why is this place amazing? Because it has a glass beach. In a way, it’s a story of Beauty and the Beast (Beach?). According to the Huffington Post, back before people cared, they dumped everything from liquor bottles to old glass taillights to broken windows into the ocean near Fort Bragg. When the unsightly trash met the eroding powers of the sea, it washed ashore, tumbled and gleaming, creating one of the most unique beaches in the process.


An important town in the California Gold Rush, Placerville is now all about “wine and mines.” Immerse yourself in the history of the town by taking a tour of the abandoned gold mines. But Placerville also happens to be located in wine country, as you might find as you roll into town.


If strapping on a pair of good boots and tromping through marshes with towering redwoods overhead sounds appealing, you simply must visit Arcata. Close to Eureka, California, this town offers the best in hiking but also features a delightful historic downtown area where you can relax and enjoy a glass of wine after your adventure.