Mitsubishi recently published its sales numbers for the month of October, proving that not only has the automaker achieved its 20th consecutive month of growth, but it has also already eclipsed total sales for the year of 2014 as well. The company owes much of the success of the Mitsubishi October sales to its family of crossovers, namely those under the Outlander nameplate.

The Mitsubishi Outlander itself has had its best year since 2002, selling more than twice the amount of units from October 2014, with the Outlander Sport reporting its best year for sales ever – 3,094 units, a 25.4 percent increase from the same month last year. Altogether, Mitsubishi reports sales of 7,426 units for the month of October. Total, that’s 19.8 percent of growth over October 2014.

Mitsubishi October sales, and particularly the success of the company’s Outlander brands, is attributed to the 2016 Outlander models’ all-new makeover. The brand completely remade the Outlander and has expressed pride in the over one hundred improvements made to the new generation.