Car care doesn’t necessarily have to involve popping open the hood and getting your hands greasy. Even without visiting the garage shop, there are plenty of things you can do to keep your car in good shape. Below are a few tips for general car care that should help extend the life of your vehicle and even save you some money.

  • Avoid long engine idling. If you know you will have to leave your car at a stop for more than 10 seconds, turn off the engine and start it again later. It’s friendlier to the powertrain, to the environment, and contrary to common belief, even saves you gas!
  • Don’t rest your foot on the brake or clutch pedal. This will not only increase brake wear or clutch wear but also cause overheating and contribute to low fuel economy.
  • Accelerate and brake smoothly. Taking longer distances to accelerate or slow down is not just safer and more efficient but also a good way to extend the life of your engine, brakes, and tires.
  • Remove excess weight. This puts unnecessary stress on the engine and will reduce your fuel economy. In addition, if the weight isn’t evenly distributed, it can contribute to extra tire wear on the heavier side.
  • Keep your car tuned. Ok, so maybe this does require you to visit a garage shop (unless you are a keen do-it-yourselfer). But there’s no getting around it. Bringing your car in for service at regular intervals, such as at El Cajon Mitsubishi, is one of the best ways to ensure a happy ownership experience!