San Diego is an ideal city if you want to catch a glimpse of aquatic animals. The San Diego shoreline is teaming with life. However, for animals that you would not normally be able to see in San Diego, be sure to visit these 3 signature San Diego zoos and aquariums.

The San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo is one of the most famous zoos in the entire country, as well as one of the largest zoos in the nation. Celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, the San Diego Zoo allows residents and visitors get up close and personal to some of the wildest animals in the world.

The Birch Aquarium

Located at UC San Diego’s Scripps Institution of Oceanography, the Birch Aquarium is one of the best places to learn about the ocean environment surrounding San Diego. The Aquarium houses a collection of informative and beautifully-designed aquatic displays.

SeaWorld San Diego

One of the most famous theme parks in the country, SeaWorld is famous for its wild animals and wild rides. Guests who visit SeaWorld can learn all about animals like the mighty Orca, while also experiencing thrilling attractions like the massive Manta roller coaster.