Many automakers are going above and beyond to create green vehicles that prioritize fuel economy over power. While there are many reasons for doing so, including government regulations, Mitsubishi is an automaker that doesn’t cut corners. Instead of sacrificing power for fuel economy, the automaker is looking to add power without sacrificing efficiency.

Mitsubishi was big on turbocharged engines in the 1990s and the company recently announced future turbocharged engines are the future of the brand. While Mitsubishi may only sell 100,000 vehicles per year, the United States is the automaker’s largest market.

Leading the charge is a new Mitsubishi crossover that will pack a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine under the hood. That midsize crossover is scheduled to hit markets in 2018.

A 1.1-liter turbocharged engine is under consideration and, if it goes through, will make its way into the next-generation Mirage and Mirage G4. As for existing vehicles, a larger turbocharged engine will likely appear in the next-generation Outlander crossover. Those three engines will hit the market in 2019 if all goes according to schedule.

Mitsubishi also announced the company would be increasing its marketing budget for 2016 and encouraged dealerships to do the same.

We here at El Cajon Mitsubishi are hyped for the return of Mitsubishi’s turbocharged engines!