Whether you’re taking your pet to the vet for the first time or if you’re going on a long road trip with your companion, it’s important to keep pet driving safety in mind. Car rides can be fun for some animals but stressful and dangerous for others.

Cats seem to particularly dislike car rides, which is why it may be best to slowly introduce them to the concept. Take small rides around the block every once in a while to get them adjusted and be sure to keep them in a cozy carrier.

Dogs, on the other hand, tend to enjoy car rides more often, but it is still important to keep them restrained and safe. In the event of an accident, your dog is much better off in an appropriately sized crate.

And of course, never leave an animal in a parked car when it is even slightly warm outside. Even with the windows cracked, the temperatures inside the vehicle can quickly become lethal.

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