Now that school is back in session, school buses, walkers, and children on bicycles are likely a common sight, especially in the morning. As you drive into work or take your own kids to school, it’s important to remember to slow down and share the road. Here are a few back to school driving tips to help keep everyone safe.

While school buses can be seen as a large, slow road block, their only goal is to get children to and from school safely. In fact, riding on the school bus is the safest way to travel to school. However, an important part of that safety includes other drivers obeying school bus laws. If you see a bus stopped with its red lights flashing, you have to stop. This allows children to safely get on or off the bus without having to worry about additional traffic.

If you’re sharing the road with cyclists, remember that they share the same rules as cars. However, children don’t always obey those rules and have a harder time judging traffic. Be extra cautious when driving around children on bicycles.

If you’re a parent who takes their children to school, drop them off on the same side of the street as the school. In addition, don’t block crosswalks or honk at pedestrians.

With these safety tips, we can all work together to make this school year as safe as possible!