Mitsubishi logo - El Cajon, Ca

Mitsubishi is about to unleash several cool concepts, including the GT-PHEV.

The Mitsubishi concept cars the company has been showing at auto shows for the past three years, including the recent GT-PHEV shown at the Paris Auto Show, will be put into production soon. These are part of a design shift, at the head of which is global design chief Tsunehiro Kunimoto.

Kunimoto’s goal is to maintain the spirit and reputation of Mitsubishi as a producer of tough SUVs like the popular Outlander while “moving the brand firmly into the 21st century,” according to Automotive News in an article posted toward the end of the Paris Auto Show.

The first production model of a new compact crossover is due to debut at the Geneva Auto Show in 2017. For now, we can see inklings of what the new Mitsubishis will look like in concepts like the GT-PHEV, a plug-in crossover with a bold, angular design.

The GT-PHEV has a darker-colored body with a blacked-out C-pillar to achieve a “floating roof” look, which Kunimoto said will most likely appear in the production model of the new Outlander Sport. Kunimoto also explained that the interior of the GT-PHEV and future Mitsubishi vehicles will focus on increasing the feeling of space by maximizing visibility and “giving the driver and front passenger a sense of security.”