New Year's Eve - El Cajon, CA

What is your New Year’s Eve tradition?

Champagne may be nice, but have you ever been curious about what the folks on the other side of the globe are doing? Check out some of these cool New Year’s Eve traditions from around the world. You just might have to try them out for yourself this year!

Central and South America

Where we have different meanings for different colors of roses on Valentine’s Day, Central and South America have different meanings for different colors of underwear on New Year’s Eve. For example, yellow promises money while red will bring love. It’s a common sight to see vendors selling brightly colored undergarments before the New Year so that those celebrating can pick their fortune.


In Finland, it’s customary to throw some molten tin in cold water. This causes the metal to harden into a random shape. The shape of the metal is used to predict what the New Year will bring.


Some religious Japanese traditionally wear masks of the forthcoming year’s zodiac animal to the local temple. If you’re curious, 2017’s zodiac animal is a rooster.


One tradition in Spain involves eating grapes in time with the clock. Each person has 12 grapes. When the clock strikes midnight, everyone is to eat their grapes one at a time, one per each chime on the clock. The Spaniards say that if you do this, you’ll have good luck in each of the 12 months to come.

Are there any other fun New Year’s Eve traditions that you like to celebrate? Let El Cajon Mitsubishi know!