Best Road Trips In California

Looking for the best road trips in California? There are tons of places to visit! Here at El Cajon Mitsubishi we’ve put together a list of places to drive, including the most scenic and exhilarating stretches around. Nothing beats hopping in your car and zooming down the highway on an adventure.

According to Thrillist, one of the top places to visit is the Angeles Crest Highway. This 50-mile route takes you from La Cañada to Valyermo. The route starts about 20 miles north of LA, but this route is nothing like the city. You’ll travel through forests, valleys, and around mountains. Be sure to pack for a range of weather, as many experience rain, snow, and sunshine in the same trip.

Next, check out Route 152, from Gilroy to Watsonville. This trip is somewhat shorter (about 20 miles) and it stretches across farms and vineyards to the coast. Along the way there are some unforgettable curves that are great for thrill seekers, though the scenic views may impel you to stop along the way.

Finally, you absolutely must drive along the Palomar Mountain Road if you’re in Southern California. This route is a little harder to get to, but it’s well worth the trip. You can stop by observatories along the way, though the real treasures are the sharp curves and jaw-dropping views. Drive carefully, but be sure to enjoy any of the routes you choose.