To celebrate its 100th anniversary this year, Mitsubishi’s designer, Gabor Farkas, created a design concept that imagines what the future of Mitsubishi Motors could look like.

The Hyaku concept isn’t a physical vehicle yet, so its design wasn’t limited by current technology or design. The end product is a sleek, self-driving coupe. In addition, the front end swaps the traditional grille for chrome details and LED stripes that mimic Mitsubishi’s current Dynamic Shield design.

Thanks to its hypothetical electric powertrain and missing engine, the Hyaku would be lightweight and offer plenty of storage space.

Farkas has said the design was inspired by a high-speed Shinkansen train. And with its sleek grille-less front end, we can see some resemblance.

It is exciting to see where these types of designs can take the Mitsubishi brand. What do you like best about this concept?

The team at El Cajon Mitsubishi is happy to be part of this 100-year celebration and can’t wait to see what the future holds for Mitsubishi. Come visit us today and check out the innovative, affordable Mitsubishi lineup available now!