There are a number of smart phone apps that we use while on the go, especially while we are in our cars. Apps that provide GPS directions, streaming music, traffic updates, and other features are completely legitimate apps designed for use in the car. But when we’re warned time and time again that we should keep our phones put away and our eyes glued to the road while we are driving, is there a safe alternative?

We’re so glad you asked! A new lineup of magnetic phone mounts from Bracketron was recently spotted at the SEMA show in Las Vegas this month, and these things are the real deal.

According to Consumer Reports, “The Earth Elements mounts are designed to connect to the dash, windshield, or vent. They hold on to a phone using a slim magnet that can be permanently mounted to your phone or slipped into the case, and a matching grippy pad attached to a rigid arm and suction cup mount.”

For larger devices, two flip-out and adjustable feet support extra weight, but the company says that the magnetic grip alone should be enough to hold almost any phone. In fact, the magnet is promised to keep your phone safely secured even in extreme temperatures and over bumps. Also important – the magnet won’t harm phones.

Now you can access your phone without taking your eyes off the road, a safe alternative to fumbling for your phone while driving. Here at El Cajon Mitsubishi, we think this phone mount is sleek, easy to use, and a great alternative for drivers whose cars don’t offer Bluetooth or access to apps.