From sporty coupes to highly capable SUVs, Mitsubishi has long been at the forefront of innovation in an industry that is constantly changing. And in late October, the automaker made a huge leap forward with the debut of its Mitsubishi e-Evolution Concept car at the Tokyo Motor Show.


The stunning concept model is an all-electric crossover featuring a very aggressive, futuristic look and a host of high-tech features that offer a glimpse into Mitsubishi’s vision of the cars of tomorrow.


The new concept car makes perfectly clear where the automaker feels the industry as a whole is moving. “An EV is not an apology car,” said Vincent Cobee, general manager of Mitsubishi project strategy, “it’s the future of transportation.


While specific powertrain details haven’t been released yet, the e-Evolution concept features three electric motors: one for the front axle and two for the rear wheels. Inside, the concept car makes use of a huge digital screen that runs the entire length of the dashboard and is capable of projecting an augmented reality display of the road thanks to a system of front-t mounted cameras.


Although we can’t say what kind of future models this impressive concept car might evolve into in the future, it does foreshadow the exciting direction Mitsubishi aims to take moving forward.


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