The new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross commercial isn’t your average car ad. In fact, it’s unlike almost every other advertisement airing on television. The new commercial puts test drivers behind the wheel, but they aren’t alone. Harry Mack, a skilled freestyler, is riding shotgun, and he’s spitting bars like never before.

In the commercial, Mack introduces himself as simply “Harry” before offering to take prospective buyers on a test drive. Once the test drive begins, he starts throwing down with lyrics about all the reasons to buy the new 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. Trust us when we say that it’s as interesting to watch as you might think.

“The idea of applying my freestyle skills to the test-drive concept appealed to me right away,” said Harry Mack. “I love challenging myself creatively and working with Mitsubishi gave me the opportunity to do something different that I think viewers will enjoy.”

During the two-minute freestyle exhibition, Mack hits on all the Eclipse Cross’s best features, including the athletic 18-inch wheels and the brand’s Super All-Wheel Control. He’s quick to point out the dual-panel panoramic sunroof and head-up display.

Although the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross may have an upscale design with a long list of premium features, it’s still one of the most affordable family crossovers on the market. As Mack points out, it’s a long list, and one you’ll certainly want a salesman to help you go over, so make sure to check it out at El Cajon Mitsubishi!