In a recent online Q&A session hosted by Jalopnik, executive vice president of Mitsubishi Don Swearingen was kind enough to answer a lot of questions, including if there would ever be a Mitsubishi Evo XI.

The answer? No. Swearingen said, “There are currently no plans for an Evo XI.” However, he did reconfirm that a final Mitsubishi Evo X is coming out this summer: “We do plan on launching a special edition in June/July of next year as a going away edition. It’s a GSR 5-speed. More horsepower, some suspension tuning, and some bits pieces that are still being finalized. Around 2,000 units will be available.”

So, 2,000 lucky Mitsubishi fans will get to drive away with the final edition of a much-loved car.

In other news, Swearingen said Mitsubishi is looking to add a Mirage sedan to its lineup along with a future Galant replacement and a larger crossover to replace the Montero. He also emphasized Mitsubishi’s dedication to electrification, specifically taking technology from its MiEV Evolution racecars and applying that to standard production cars as a plug-in hybrid.

There were more questions and answer, so scroll through the entire thread for more info.

What new Mitsubishi information are you most excited about?