Research shows that teen drivers are the most at-risk drivers on the road. Lack of experience, peer pressure, and fearlessness prove to be a deadly combination. January is teen driver awareness month, and we couldn’t think of a better time to point out some of the dangers teen drivers face, and some tips for hitting the road safely.

  1. Always buckle up. Seatbelts save more lives each year than any other safety feature. Too many teens die each year simply because they didn’t buckle up.
  2. Limit the number of passengers in your car (if any). The old adage, ‘the more the merrier’ does not apply here. More people mean more distractions. One passenger doubles the risk of an accident, and adding even more elevates risk exponentially.
  3. Put the phone away. If you can’t control yourself, keep your phone tucked away in the backseat while you’re on the go. Out of sight, out of mind (or at least out of reach). Texting and driving, along with checking social media, talking on the phone, reading emails, and other actions that take your eyes off the road are not only incredibly dangerous, but illegal.
  4. Obey the speed limit. You might be rolling your eyes, but not only will you avoid costly speeding tickets and insurance premiums, you’ll keep yourself (and those around you) safe.
  5. Avoid distractions. Eating, listening to loud music, drinking, and adjusting your car’s settings are all distracting activities that can cause you to lose focus.

Last, but not least – choose a car loaded with modern safety features. Even today’s most affordable cars offer safety features that will give you (and your parents) peace of mind.

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