Mitsubishi saved the best for last. As we prepare to say goodbye to the legendary Mitsubishi Evo X, the automaker is making the rounds, showing off its Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X Concept Final—the last installment in the Evo X series.

The automaker has been creating super-powered editions of the Evo X, before bidding a final farewell and replacing it with a hybrid crossover of some kind (according to The Evo X Concept Final does not disappoint. It is the most powerful Evo ever created, cranking out a massive 473 horsepower thanks to its HKS turbocharger, new intake, exhaust system, cooling system, and ECU.

The Lancer Evolution X Final Concept builds on the GSR variant of the EVO, and will add a black matte finish on the body, a glassy black finish on the roof and rear spoiler, seats with red-stitched accents, and a dark chrome grille. In addition, the Evo X Concept Final will feature a height-adjustable sport suspension and Yokohama Advan tires placed on 19-inch Volk Racing G25 wheels.

If we know Mitsubishi, we know that whatever the automaker has in store for the Evo X replacement, it will be impressive. But here at El Cajon Mitsubishi we’re sure going to miss the Mitsubishi Evo X.